We Sell Time

Everything we do is focused on saving our customers time, because we understand that time is the world’s most precious resource!  Whether it is our easy-to-use websites, lead generation tools or our customer storytelling services, Ascend works hard to save our customers’ time!

Verity IA

Verity IA provides quality control solutions for technicians and engineers to simplify laboratory research, product development and ongoing quality control.

Fully Responsive Websites

Fully responsive websites support desktop, tablet and mobile browsers. Google rewards these websites with better search rankings.

Verity IA

Verity IA software saves time in testing visible qualities for product development, laboratory research and mill process quality control. The Verity IA SFDA visual variability analysis is unique in the paper and print industries for quantifying phenomena.

Client Storytelling

Ascend can help you tell your story to the world.  Your company is unique and we want the world to know that!

Ascend Fly Soar

Ascend Fly Soar is a set of business growth tools, including our easy-to-use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System.