Meet Our Team

Learn about the people that make Ascend Technology a great company

Who We Are

Our Vision

Helping our customers simplify their lives to maximize their precious time!

Our Mission

We are people-oriented technologists who develop creative solutions to complex problems.  We make technology understandable and non-threatening.  Our customers trust us as loyal partners as they grow and improve their businesses. We are dependable and guarantee that our customers receive results for their investment.

Our Ideal Client

The ideal Ascend client is a dynamic, inviting team of 10-50 employees who believe that their organization is unique in the world. This team embraces change and is open to new ideas and solutions to grow their business. The company also understands the value of marketing, communication and the value of long-term relationships.

Bill Gilgenbach

Bill has more than 25 years of experience working for exceptional companies.  These combined experiences led Bill to create Ascend Technology, based on his vision that technology should always be helpful and never frustrating.

Lu Stroebel

Director of Client Experience
Lu has many years of experience in operations management, logistics and customer support roles.  She uses that experience to anchor a team of customer service professionals that set Ascend Technology apart from other companies.

Gary Wood

Director of Sales and Marketing, Verity IA
Gary has over 10 years of experience helping companies use Verity IA software to solve their product development and production challenges.  Working with our technical team, he is now adapting the Verity IA technology to other industries.